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FastBase Webleads for Google Analytics

Posted by:Daniel Porter 0


Years ago there were expensive apps out there where you would pay thousands of dollars to acquire leads like this.  But with the new Google Analytics plugin from FastBase, you can see who is visiting your website.  The company tag line is this: “Identify your web traffic into real business contacts.”  This does seem like a polite way to say it.  I know many people might be uncomfortable with the idea that their information is visible to someone upon just visiting their website.  I also think many more people don’t really care and are OK with the ‘Big Brother’ scenario.  Lets face it, Google has been doing it for years.

You can read a little more here:

And further more you can start using it in one click.  Just make sure you are signed into the Google account you use for Analytics and then click “Connect”.  I was amazed at how quickly I was able to see a list of companies that were visiting our Boomerang Marketing website.  It provides you with a list which is filterable by location and keyword.  It also provides detailed information about the company.  Talk about pre-qualifying a lead!

As if the basic features of this plugin were not cool enough, there is tab called “Visitor Interaction”, so you can see exactly which links they clicked on.  This might come in handy to narrow down which of your services they might have been browsing.

One last note, is that you can quickly download a spreadsheet of the provided data.

Google Analytics is incredibly powerful, but I really like the simplicity of this tool.

If you run a business and have been using Google analytics I highly recommend that you check out the FastBase Web Lead Plugin.

(Below is a screen shot of a company detail page I found in our Web Visitors)


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