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The Brand Landscape Logo

The client came to us with several requirements:

  • The logo must be round
  • It must have depth
  • It needed to look like a ‘cattle’ brand mark
  • It needed to be versatile

The design we came up with works great for their signage (seen below in trades how booth) and carried through in their brochure.

Marci Whitman
At the helm of Boomerang Marketing is Marci Whitman, an award-winning entrepreneur, consultant and educator. She founded Boomerang Marketing offering consulting services and expanded to include graphic and web design.With more than 15 years in marketing communication – she is well posed to support both small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Marci is at the forefront of new marketing approaches and supports her clients in implementing them on any budget.
The Brand Landscape Logo

1 Tradeshow Booth

The round logo fits well into the Brands overall exhibit design for home shows.  They do awesome work as showcased at the Colorado Home and Garden Show.
The Brand Landscape Logo

2 Logo on Brochure

The round logo was used as a die-cut in the brochure design.
The Brand Landscape Logo
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